15 Mar 2023

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Story behind the Song

Looking forward to the Springtime?! I sure am <3 Sending love to all of those who collected, mirrored, liked and overall just showed so much love. Truly such a privilege and an honor! Would love to connect with as many as possible so just leave a comment and I can reply! Track produced, and Mixed by me, would love some feedback!..Enjoy my heartbreak songs and have fun with them!! Whats ur favorite line? I like the SIMP one lel.. Lyrics: Baby you don’t gotta worry about them funds Didn’t think you and me could mess this up Cause in the springtime baby we would have some fun But that can only happen if we keep this up Thanks-a-Lot Cute Girl dance a lot I’m her lancelot I’ve grown, quite a lot Oh so, that thought I guess I was wrong gave the keys and lock Too the heart of you know who Flayva f is for the fool Check it out, at the crib just groove Like the king, just woo One wish was to just reminisce at school Just to think I had a good time Bitch I couldn’t complain Shit was on a silver plate Well, Sir is a honor to meet Thank you for havin me over for tea Funny that you haven’t heard of me Funny that your daughter heard of me No need to mention the birds and the bees I’am Classic, Mascahsetic, with chap lips Funny thats lit, i love magic johnson Fast rhymes are awesome So is saving lives in gotham With my hair flustrued my pain musters it was only after a hundred of kisses I had a crush and I Simpliy S I M to the P’d Of this devilish fiend whos been as pretty as the sea What she ride is what she wear, custom Skip customs Too accustomed I made sure myself The soul, every crews a detail